The Journey Begins…

You are not alone. Like me, you struggle every day with some form of a mental illness. You are going to or you already have, isolated yourself from the world and your world has gotten mighty small. For me the couch, TV, computer and books are my friends. I find it more and more difficult to get out of the house to do every day, simple errands…grocery shopping; going to the Post Office, library or bank. If there is something social that comes up, I have a panic attack and usually don’t make the event. This causes me to feel more depressed and you might as well add regret on to that…for some fun;) I have been or still am where you are. I struggle with a Severe Depressive Disorder, a Panic/Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. I want to help and I believe a great way to do that is to talk about mental illness. My passion, my heart is for helping hurting people. I am not a professional. I am just like you…someone lonely and in pain. I believe we can help each other. Let’s go on this journey together. If we do that, at the very least, we will have each other…we won’t be alone.

I have homework for you. No, no, no! Don’t turn away or stop reading…you can stop groaning too;) It’s simple, but it may not be easy. In the next few days go for a walk, make a phone call, take a shower, change your clothes, brush your teeth…you know, all the things the “normal” people do without a second thought. Afterward, tell yourself you had a victory that day. Let me know how you did and I will celebrate with you!

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